-Al Muharraq-

What you need to know about Al Muharraq

Al Muharraq is Bahrain’s third largest city and served as its capital until 1932 when it was replaced by Manama. The population of Muharraq in 2012 was 176,583.

The city is located on Muharraq Island and has long been a centre of religiosity.[clarification needed] Bahrain International Airport is also located on the island. Adjacent to Muharraq are the man-made Amwaj Islands, known for their large buildings, hotels and beaches. Muharraq is home to Muharraq Club, which is Bahrain’s most successful football club. The city is also known for its souq (traditional market) and as a home of traditional arts and music; Ali Bahar, a popular and successful Bahraini singer is from Muharraq.

Area: 30 km²
Population: 189 114(2010)


The currency in Bahrain is the Bahraini Dinar, abbreviated to BD or BHD. Bahrain has a decimal currency system with one Dinar equalling 1000 fils. Banknotes are in denominations of 20, 10, 5, 1 and 1/2 Dinar. There are five different coins in circulation: 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 fils.


The climate in Muharraq is called a desert climate. There is virtually no rainfall during the year in Muharraq. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is BWh. The average annual temperature is 26.3 °C in Muharraq. In a year, the average rainfall is 72 mm.
The driest month is June. There is 0 mm of precipitation in June. Most of the precipitation here falls in February, averaging 17 mm. With an average of 34.2 °C, August is the warmest month. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 17.2 °C. The precipitation varies 17 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 17.0 °C.


Bahrani Arabic (also known as Bahrani and Baharna Arabic) is a variety of Arabic spoken in Eastern Arabia and Oman. In Bahrain, the dialect is primarily spoken in Shia villages and some parts of Manama. The Bahrani Arabic dialect has been significantly influenced by the ancient Aramaic, Syriac and Akkadian languages.


Gulf Air has its headquarters in Muharraq, and Bahrain Air formerly had its headquarters in the Mohamed Centre in Muharraq.


The Ministry of Education of Bahrain operates public government schools.
Boys schools include Abu Farias Al-Hamdani Primary Boys School, Al-Maari Primary Boys School, Hassan bin Thabit Primary Boys School, Omer bin Abdulazeez Primary Boys School, Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa al-Khalifa Primary Boys School, Omer bin Al-Kattab Primary Intermediate Boys School, Abdul-Rahman Al-Nasser Intermediate Boys School, Tariq bin Zeyad Intermediate Boys School, and Moharraq Secondary Boys School.
Girls schools include A’amena bint Wahab Primary Girls School, Al-Muharraq Primary Girls School, Mariam bent Omran Primary Girls School, Zubaida Primary Girls School, Istiklal, Khadija al-Kubra Intermediate Girls School, Zanoobia Intermediate Girls School, and Muharraq Secondary Girls School.
The French School of Bahrain is located in Busaiteen, in Muharraq Municipality.

Government and infrastructure

Building 586 in Muharraq houses the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Affairs, an agency of the Ministry of Transportation.